Saturday, January 30, 2010

Images from the Homestead

Thought I would share a few images from around the property. Two of my five dogs, Moose the Lab, and Lola the incredibly spoiled chicken killer, is a Boston Terrier.
Charlotte and Wilbur the lucky pigs, (not very original names but fitting). The two of them might think they are dogs instead of pigs they come running whenever I call them. Both absolutely love to be petted and will fall over wanting a belly rub. Wilbur is a bit smaller then Charlotte and has yet to figure out what his part in the equation is.

The tree is a typical Florida Live Oak , those and the Sand Pines constantly threaten to take my property back to it's original state, picking up fallen branches and thinning trees is a constant battle.


fullfreezer said...

Love. love, love the live oak. I have a thing for trees.

The Duck Herder said...

love those little piggies!

Happy Days said...

Hello cute little piggies! I like their names - cute. The live oak there is just beautiful. Perhaps if you got an elephant, he could keep the pine cleared out for you. Wouldn't your grandkids love THAT! You could name him Babar. Lola looks nice and cozy - chicken killer huh? ah oh! not nice Lola!! and Moose looks quite happy with himself! Do I see a body of water behind the oak? Is it yours? Have a restful Sunday Laura!...debbie